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Hot New Fantasy Novel, Merlin’s Veto: Chronicles of the New Merlin, the first volume of the New Merlin series by A. Pauly Jr

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Eleven-year-old Christine Goldsmith wakes from a prophetic nightmare where she witnessed her mother and father hurtle to their deaths in a plane crash. The dream was all too true in reality. After her parents’ death, Walter Goldsmith, Christine’s great uncle, a high priest and wizard of the House of Avalon, and Claudia, his niece, also a high priestess, arrive in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to take charge of the orphaned Christine and her troubled fourteen-year-old brother, Marcus.

Christine and Marcus are oddly gifted children. Her father, having renounced his ancient priestly heritage, had wanted to live a normal life, free from the Old Ways of his ancestors. But the children’s heritage will not stay hidden. As soon as the children arrive at the Goldsmith families’ manor in Pennsylvania, all sorts of difficulties arise. Exposed to dark magic-infused grimoires, Marcus is consumed by a lust for power and hatred for his sister. His gifts turn to evil.

Over the next year, ancient wizardry and secret mystery school lessons deeply affect Christine. Navigating the complexities of her new life as a young teenager, Christine crosses a gateway into this ancient mystic world, filled with tragedy, anguish, betrayal, and self-discovery, healing her wounded spirit in the process. She is initiated and trained to be a high priestess and leader of her people by finding the empowerment and light within herself to fend off her brother’s distorted magical ambitions.

“What a great empowering book especially for women. You are really talented” Lynn V Andrews, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Medicine Woman series of books.

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Novel: Merlins Veto- Chronicles of The New Merlin- Signed by author.

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