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Pre-Order ' Ever-bearing Strawberry Rooted Plant 1 gal pot.

Shipping calculated once the order is packed up. Separate invoice will be sent.

Large juicy berries. Are excellent for western Washington and Oregon. Hardy plants. Do well in full sun Needs drip irrigation or damp soil. Does well in pots or direct ground planting. Lead foliage can very from season to season. For fall or late winter ordering be aware plants will have limited foliage but shoot out quite quickly in warmer weather. Plants where started last spring.


Avialable Sizes:

Large single plant in 1 gal. pots or as a batch of 10 plants in 1 gal pots

Large volumes are available for special orders and wholesale pricing can be negotiated.

Minimum numbers will apply.

Everbearing Strawberry 1 gal Pot

PriceFrom $18.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • You will be contacted via email after your order to arrange pickup.I will have set locations and times where group pickup spots will be. I will be making at least 2-3 trips per month to each of the locations listed with the dates announced a week in advance. 

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