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Heirloom Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant Starts. We have many different Varieties of berry plants to chose from.

“Please read full info list. It will answer lots of questions.”

Prepaid online orders are first in line for all deliveries or shipments, otherwise at my farm stand locations, it’s first come first serve. We sell lots of plants each year and our inventory is shifting through the seasons. 

Greetings folks. 

Avalon Apiaries & Plants is a traveling plant delivery service. We have a physical store in Bellingham that is by apt only. We are on the road a lot this time of year. All these Berry and fruit tree plants are grown by us in Whatcom county. We also raise our own bees and have a large selection of regionally specific varietal and herbal infused honey products & beeswax candles. 

We offer drop off and delivery to most major cities in Northwestern Washington. That includes, Issaquah, Seattle, Tacoma, Puyalup, Olympia, Everett, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Stanwood, Snohomish,  Bainbridge, Bremerton, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Oak Harbor areas. 

“Deliveries locations and dates are dependent on quantities of orders per each area. I will not drive to areas until I have enough orders to justify the drive otherwise I’m wasting gas. If you want to get plants sooner we offer fast and convenient shipping on most plants except the very large ones. We have been shipping plants for many years and are quite good at it. This is the same type of shipping larger online outlets offer but from a small family owned Buisness. 

We can ship to any location in Washington state. 

As with all my plant sales. I offer a buy 10 get 2 free deal on all plants. Any variety can be mixed.  With mixed plant types. Your least expensive plants will be your 2 free plants. Preorder Prepaid, delivery in the Seattle, Tacoma, Mount Vernon, Western Whatcom co, Port Angeles, Bremerton area is available. 

If it’s not listed I don’t have it. Please read the list. 

I also sell honey products. Ww w . Avalon apiaries . C o m 

Plant prices are broken down by individual unit price or by full tray price. 

Aronia prunifolia 'Aron' Choke Cherry,   $10 each  or full 21/tray  = $180

Blackberry - Rubus hybrid 'Hall's Beauty' (Thornless)  $8.00 x 21/tray = $144

Currant - Ribes nigrum 'Ben Nevis' $4.50 x 72/tray = $280

Currant - Ribes nigrum 'Consort'  $4.50 x 72/tray = $280

Gooseberry - Ribes uva-crispa 'Pixwell'  $4.50 x 72/tray = $280

Raspberry - Rubus idaeus 'Coho' (Primocane)  $8.00 x 21/tray = $144

Blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum 'Duke'  Small pint pot $10 each  or full 10/tray  = $100

Blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum 'Duke'  Large Gal pot $20 each  or full 10/tray  = $180

5 year old Dukes $45 each. 

Blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum 'Northland'  Small Pint Pot $10 each  or full 10/tray  = $100

Blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum 'Legacy'  Small Pint Pot $10 each  or full 10/tray  = $100

Huckelberry Vaccinium ovatum  1 gal pots $25 

Lingdon berry Red Candy Vaccinium vitis-idaea 

2 pint pot $15 each 

Elderberry Sambucus canadensis 'Aurea' $8.00 x 21/tray = $144  

Elderberry Sambucus nigra 'Golden Tower' $8.00 x 21/tray = $144

Elderberry Sambucus nigra Sunrise Surprise ('Welsh Gold') $8.00 x 21/tray = $144

Emerald Cedar 2-3 ft $20 each. 

Ever-bearing 2 year old Strawberry 1 gal pot $20. 

Mixed 3 year old bare root fruit trees $40 each.



Granny Smith 


Yellow Delicious 



Japanese Plum

Turkish Apricot 

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