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About Anthony

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Anthony Pauly jr. is a modern day shaman and nature's artificer who draws out and works with universal wisdom teachings from many world traditions. He is not a practitioner of any single tradition.


He is a Universalistic Practitioner of Animistic/Earth Energy Based Spirituality, that is rooted in a balance of the Inner Goddess & Inner God principles found within all of creation.

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“Shamanism isn’t an identity that one can buy at the store like a new shirt. Its not a fashion statement or a fad- Its a profound and at times terrifying responsibility. A Shaman is one who learns to listen to the energies of life force flowing through people and the world with the heart. We allow it to speak to us. We act simply as a choreographer, by guiding it to the destination it chooses. It requires complete surrender. The kind of surrender that only a heart broken many times, can offer. Not an easy task, even for ones who cant run away. Compassion & Evidence: If one can master a portion of that in a lifetime, that alone is an accomplishment.”

~~Anthony Pauly Jr


My Story

“I am descended from mixed European and Judaeo Ancestry. My pre Christian, European ancestral spiritual traditions are fragmented at best, or nearly lost to the sands of human histories destructive currents. Having grown up in a split Catholic and Evangelical family background, early on I realized something didn’t fit. There were parts I was drawn to, such as Yeshua as a healer. And the stories telling about decency, compassion, and kindness. But the bigotry and violence never sat right in my heart.

I have found that most heart based traditions, are rooted in the same founding universal principals. These principals function much like the multitude of natural laws that have been identified and described with the observations of science. The law of conservation of energy describes, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change in form.” This is a foundational principal of physics that has been demonstrated through repetitive experimentation. It functions the same on the moon as it does at the center of the sun. Using the same root tools and mathematics, any human in this dimension of reality will get the same results.

Human perception is no different. It too is governed by natural laws, that although more subtle and much more difficult to measure with technical means, can still be repeated under the same structure of experimentation and repetition. The presence of the concept of Karma, has many different names, but the underlying principal is the same. “Do onto others what will be done onto you.” Cause and Effect.

In particular, Native American spiritual philosophies inspired my formative years of awakening, driving me to explore the traditions of my European ancestors among other practices. Sadly I have never had a one on one relationship with a formal teacher for years on end. Through trial, error, inspiration, natural inclination, and divine blessings my spiritual eyes opened up. Far too fast at moments or painfully slow at others.

The one certainty I have found is that we as humans have a lot of healing to do and most of us are traumatized. We wish to be loved and to love, but we have forgotten how to do both in a healthy way.

Anthony grew up in the small town of Menomonee Falls Wisconsin where he first encountered the spiritual traditions of the Native American Menomonee Tribe. This introduction was a catalytic spark that awakened within him a soul recognition that he had spent many lives among the native tribes of North and South America, that this way of living and approaches such as this, where his way home to his soul. Not being of the First Nations People, he found his way towards a more non traditional universalistic form of contemporary Earth Based Shamanism much of which was rooted in ancient European Practices, Buddhism, Hinduism and such.

In his mid-twenties he began a nomadic life and traveled to other states to find a greater sense of his relationship with Turtle Island, (North America). He is a Beekeeper, Poet, Writer, Dreamer and Public Speaker. With 20 plus years of exploration, he has worked with many people providing a form of Shamanic Guidance where personal awakening and empowerment are the core tools offered.

Anthony regularly teaches group workshops and seminars that are rooted in contemporary shamanic wisdom.

His vision is to incorporate the ancient teachings of our ancestors into our modern world to awaken greater awareness and compassion so that our human brothers and sisters can move toward greater healing and liberation from illusion and suffering.

”Fiction allows a writer to delve into subjects that are difficult to approach. It allows the reader to explore worlds that ordinarily they may not relate to. It can be liberating for both parties.”

~Anthony Pauly

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